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Correction: Helping Kids Have a Change of Heart
Question & Answer Sessions
Listen to real counseling sessions focused on correction in family life. Each session deals with one parent's actual situation followed by questions from others who were listening to the session. These webinars were recorded for your benefit. You'll hear specific action plans for each situation applying much of the material you're learning in this class.

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Correction Strategies that Work

Issue:Some children erupt violently when corrected. They yell and scream and fight every step of the way. Parents often use good strategies but their children don’t respond. Battles often ensue. This webinar contains strategies for correcting even the most resistant child.

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Sibling Conflict Reveals an 8-Year-Old's Issues

Issue: Our son is 8-year-old is constantly putting down his 6-year-old brother in order to make himself look better. It's a competition he creates, not his brother. "I'm faster at math than you; I can beat you to the end of the driveway." He does it in our family, but it ramps up when his friends are around, and name calling also comes into play, like loser. The theme is "you're just not as good as me." We need help turning this meanness into kindness.

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Parenting Makeover: 11-year-old Needs Constant Discipline

Issue: Parents report that they feel like all they do is ground their kids or send them to the corner or lecture all of the time. They have gotten into a pattern and aren't sure how to break it. Should they implement radical changes all at once or change things a little at a time? They know they need to change because what they're doing now certainly isn't working. They just don't know how.

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10-Year-Old Still Throwing Tantrums

Issue: My daughter is ten years old but still throws tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. She always has a bad attitude about doing any work. She is disrespectful and rude and always talks back to us. Whenever we get into an argument she fights and says disrespectful things and doesn’t stop until we finally reach a point of frustration and start "yelling back" telling her that she has crossed a line and she better stop now. We feel hopeless. We just want this whole cycle to stop. Dr. Turansky helped them see a new way of addressing the heart that he calls non-confrontational correction.

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Teen Headed for Military School if We Don't Get Help

Issue: David has been strong-willed since 2 years old. He has dabbled with smoking and pot and has been in trouble with the police for vandalism. He is sarcastic and demanding and although a good student doesn’t respond well to authority. We are ready to send him to military school. Dr. Turansky gave them several practical strategies resulting in a hopeful plan to move forward.

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Parents Need Some New Ideas for Correction

Issue: Our 13-year-old daughter has never responded well to correction. It took us until she was ten to realize that we can't parent her the way we do the other children. For awhile we thought it was working. We were able to get a handle on lying, but things are progressively growing out of control again. We are at our wits end and have no idea how to be the parents that she needs. This is not a puberty issue. We have been struggling with this since she was a little girl. Please help us!  We are losing her and fast!  Dr. Turansky gave them a plan for non-confrontational correction and specific tools for helping to capture her heart.