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Honor: The Key to Successful Relationships
Question & Answer Sessions
Listen to real counseling sessions focused on honor in family life. Each session deals with one parent's actual situation followed by questions from others who were listening to the session. These webinars were recorded for your benefit. You'll hear specific action plans for each situation applying much of the material you're learning in this class.

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How to Help a Child Become Less Self-Focused

Issue: Mom wants help to address the difficult relationship between her 13-year-old and 9-year-old sons. Dr. Turansky addresses the subject of selfishness in children and give practical solutions for helping a child move away from a self-focused view of life to considering others. Solutions address bad attitudes, demandingness, and a lack of cooperation and respect for others.

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Sibling Conflict is Out of Control — We Need Help!

Issue: I have three children: a daughter 6, a son 3 1/2, and another daughter 18 months. My oldest daughter and son fight CONSTANTLY. From the time they get up till they fall asleep at night, I feel like I am putting out fires between the two of them. I am so exhausted. I don't understand why all the fighting, and I seriously need help!

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Six-Year-Old with a Perpetual Bad Attitude

Issue: A 6 year-old son seems to have a bad attitude in almost every situation. He has a low tolerance for frustration. When he does not get his way, he sulks, pouts, and throws fits. He is wearing Mom out. Family life seems to revolve around him because he needs constant care and attention but he is the oldest of 3 children. Dr Turansky helps them develop a personal plan for their son to help him address his frustration and begin to contribute to family life.