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Class Descriptions

Twelve classes have been slated for Biblical Parenting University. Four of the classes provide the foundation and are considered core courses. Those four core courses are the ones associated with the Church and Christian School Initiative. Although you can take courses in any order and there are no prerequisites, it's recommended that you take the core courses early on because they help your family get on track with a number of tools and skills.

PLEASE NOTE: Classes highlighted in blue are currently available.

Four Core Courses
Associated with the Church and Christian School Initiative

BPU 101: Developing Responsibility and Cooperation in Children
Parents often comment that this is their greatest source of conflict with their kids. Nagging and anger episodes on the part of parents and kids are often the result when children don't cooperate. In this class you'll learn how to adjust your own action point to teach your kids when you mean business. You'll also learn a five step instruction routine that teaches children the skills they'll need to follow instructions for the rest of their lives. This technique is excellent for teachers as well as parents. And you'll learn how to use rules in your family to teach convictions and values. If you're looking for a place to start, this is a great class that will help you change significant dynamics in your family using very positive strategies. REGISTER

BPU 102: Correction: Helping Kids Have a Change of Heart
God defines a plan for change and it's all about the heart. Correction is a significant part of parenting and this class helps you develop a large toolbox to help you bring about change in your kids. Unfortunately, too many children resort to blaming, rationalizing, and defending themselves. Unfortunately many parents inadvertently encourage these negative patterns. You'll learn about the seven categories of consequences and how to use them to change the heart. You'll also learn about the triangle of discipline that embodies a biblical understanding of repentance, a practical tool for the classroom as well as the home. Ending discipline times well is so important to help children change patterns of negative behavior. The way parents correct children helps them learn how to process offenses and learn how to live with a clear conscience. REGISTER

BPU 103: Honor: The Key to Successful Relationships
Many parents focus on obedience, getting the job done but often honor is not addressed. We define honor as treating people as special, doing more than what's expected, and having a good attitude. Honor deals with how families relate together. It's not good enough to get the job done. How we relate together while accomplishing the business of family life is also very important. Honor helps increase closeness in a family. It helps children think outside of themselves. Honor is essential in the classroom and in the home and God has hidden within honor the secret ingredients for success in life. REGISTER

BPU 104: Helping Children Become Internally Motivated
The word "conscience" is used 30 times in the New Testament. It's part of God's internal motivation system placed in the heart of every person, including your child. The conscience prompts children internally in four areas: do what's right, deal with wrongs, be honest, and care about others. In this class you'll learn specific tools for helping your children develop the conscience and use it for its God-given purpose. This is not a study from a psychology text book. It's a study of the Bible and what God teaches about the value of the conscience in a child's life. With tools for the classroom and the home, this class focuses on helping children become internally motivated instead of relying on external prompters from parents and teachers to get things done. REGISTER


BPU 201: Taming Emotions in the Family (Available Now)
One of the greatest challenges to family unity is misuse of emotions. Interestingly enough one of the greatest tools for family closeness also involves emotions. In this class you'll learn tools for anger management in parents, especially when your kids are doing the wrong things. You'll also learn how to address bad attitudes in kids using a heart-based approach to parenting. Of course, one of the big areas of emotional upheaval is when children can't accept no as an answer so specific strategies are presented to deal with whining, arguing, and badgering. Many children seem to have received an extra scoop of emotions requiring specific tools to learn how to manage them effectively. In this class you'll learn a number of tools to help you address the emotional components of family life. Don't miss this class. It will change the way your family relates.