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Testimonies from the Classroom

"At our school we are using materials from the NCBP in our chapels, student lead prayer groups, and at our parent meetings. PreK and K parents are using the Heart Work Program, 1st¯4th grades parents are using the Honor Curriculum and our 5th¯8th grade parents are working through the conscience material. The idea is to foster learning and community among our parents."
— Jan Ingram, Grace Christian School, Staunton, Virginia

It grieves my heart to see so many Christian families struggling with the basic tools for training and raising their children as God designed for them to do. What an great day it will be when schools and parents can work side¯by¯side to mold and teach these precious lives entrusted to us by God Almighty. I am so grateful to Scott and Joanne for being instrumental in developing this new curriculum for parents and to be reaching out to our Christian schools. I have been teaching their materials for 3 years now and have seen families transformed through their teaching.
— Donna Beth Norman, Waco Baptist Academy, Waco, Texas

I just returned from the NCBP seminar presenter training in Houston, Texas and found myself re¯embracing the call to reach the hearts of children, students, and people in general. What the NCBP offers is what our families, school, and organizations need. I am excited about the Christian School Initiative (CSI) and how it is changing the culture of our school.
— Rick Martin, Principal, Cornerstone Christian School, Harrisonburg, Virginia