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The Church and Christian School Initiative is an opportunity to bring home and school together by using similar behavior management tools that come from a heart-based approach. It trains parents and teachers and gives them complementary tools to use both in the classroom and at home.

When you purchase the Church and Christian School Initiative your teachers can take the summaries of the four core classes of Biblical Parenting University at no charge in order to learn the tools for classroom management.

All parents enrolled in the school receive an 75% discount for the classes. So, instead of paying the $99.95 for each class each family only pays $25 per class using the special discount code provided to the school.

In addition you’ll receive promotional materials to send home to families and to share with teachers to get them on board. Biblical Parenting University is designed to develop a climate of biblical thinking among both parents and teachers regarding the hearts of the students.

The cost is $100 per school year. To sign up for a site license, please proceed to our secure site. Or maybe you’d like to visit our FAQ page.