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If You’re a Teacher, You’re in the Right Place

Whether you teach in a Christian School, Sunday School, or other church classroom, you’ll want to watch the training videos on this page. The following “Teacher Classes” are the counterparts to the Parent Classes offered in Biblical Parenting University. In each Teacher Class we’ve given you about 30 minutes of practical heart-based training and offer you hands on tools for classroom management.

You do not have to take the Parent Classes in order to watch these Teacher Classes, but you may want to anyway. The Parent Classes go into much more depth and provide you with more practical tools for applying the same concepts in the home.

Our goal is to provide you with strategies for the classroom that work. Furthermore, these strategies complement what the parents are working on at home, maximizing change in the lives of the students.

Although there are twelve classes in Biblical Parenting University, four of them form the core classes available in the Christian School/Church Initiative. Once your school or church has purchased a site license (for only $100) then teachers receive access to the four Teacher Classes for free. Furthermore, parents receive a 75% discount on classes, only paying $25 instead of the normal rate of $99.95 per class.

Here are the four core classes and access to the Teacher Classes for your instruction.

Developing Responsibility and Cooperation in Children

Correction, Repentance, and Helping Children to Change their Hearts

Honor: Teaching Children to be Others Centered

The Conscience: The Key to Internal Motivation



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